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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Images from Latency @ The Linnenhall Castlebar

Images from Latency - an Engage Art Studios project at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar
The exhibition runs until November 24th

“To embrace latency goes against the grain of the logic of high performance. The appraisal of latency restores dignity to the unsaid, the unshown, and everything that can’t be dragged out into the open in the rush of high performance when the value of all our potentials appears to depend entirely on our capacity to actualise them right here, right now.” Jan Verwoert in ‘Exhaustion and Exuberance’

An exhibition of works by members of Engage Art Studios, curated by arts writer Michaële Cutaya. Michaële expla
ins: “There are different ways to approach the notion of latency, whether as something existing but not yet manifest, lying dormant until suitable circumstances develop, or as the time lapse between a stimulus and its response. All quite suggestive in regard to the artist’s studio with its fascinating potential and yet often frustrating manifestations.” For this exhibition, 18 members of Engage Art Studios are proposing artworks in response to what latency might mean to them and their practice. The exhibition presents works by Tim Acheson, Roisin Coyle, Cathal Curtin, Maeve Curtis, Aja Daly, Cecilia Danell, Brid Egan, Alicia Lydon, EimearJean McCormack, Shelly McDonnell, Angela O’Brien, Tadhg O’ Cuirrín, Roisin O’Sullivan, Matthew Quain, Sarah Quick, Victoria Smith, Amy Taylor and Ruby Wallis.

Official opening on Friday 2nd November at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prove That You're Not a Robot

Prove That You're Not a Robot
Silver reflective window tint and glass
Dimensions variable

#008000 @ The Shed

Also have a piece in this exhibition of new work, curated by Grace McEvoy, selected from Engage Studio Members.  

  • The Shed, The Middle Pier, The Docks, Galway

  • #008000
    A group exhibition of Engage Art Studios’ members

    Tim Acheson, Maeve Curtis, Aja Daly, Cecilia Danell, Eimear Jean McCormack, Shelly McDonnell, Tadhg Ó Cuirrín, Roisin O’Sullivan, Winnie Pun, Victoria Smith, Amy Taylor, and Ruby Wallis. Curated by Grace McEvoy
    The Shed, The Docks, Galway
    21 September – 7 October 2012

    Opening reception: Culture Night, Friday 21 September, 6pm. Refreshments by Kai Cafe + Restaurant.
    Opening Hours: Friday – Sunday 12 – 6pm

    "When we look at landscape, we're not looking at an object that our glance is directed towards as a focal operation, rather, we see the totality of all the possibilities of focus that exist within a field of vision." – Jørgen Dehs

    This exhibition, #008000, draws together twelve visual artists from Engage Art Studios. The title is the HTML (a website programming language) colour code for green, the colour most associated with our landscape. HTML codes serve as a programming guide for the visual senses in the creation of digital landscapes. Similarly, the work within this exhibition explores the subjective representation of landscape, and the artistic methodologies and processes that are used in its portrayal.

    Landscape is generally understood as the harmony of a set of objects, and their unification within a plane of vision. However, no ultimate definition or representation of it exists and our understanding of landscape is constantly being reformed and negotiated. It is a unity constantly under construction.

    Historically, landscape has been a recurring focus within various art forms and has, as a subject matter, been revered, romanticised, territorialised and used as metaphor. Arguably, the landscapes that surround us, in both organic and inorganic forms, possess sublime features which suggest greater universal forces and powers that are beyond our comprehension. As such our efforts in trying to understand and represent landscape express our continued desire to discover who we are and why we are here.

    This exhibition is not a redrawing of the notion of landscape, rather, it aims to bring together a body of work which looks at the way in which we see the external world.

    Engage Art Studios is located in the heart of Galway city and supports contemporary artists in a professional environment. Founded in 2004, Engage provides a central space for professionally-oriented visual artists, of all levels, to work within a vibrant community of creativity, production, inspiration and opportunity. The unique studio space is on the top floors of the old Cathedral Building on the corner of Middle and Abbeygate Streets. Engage Art Studios is supported by the Arts Council and the Galway City Council. Engage is a member of Adapt Galway, a coalition of visual arts groups. The Shed, an empty 4000 sq ft warehouse space currently used for visual art, is a project initiated by Adapt that will continue into next year.

    This exhibition is supported by The Arts Council, The Galway City Council, The Galway Harbour Company, and Kai Cafe + Restaurant. Special thanks to Adapt Galway and Grace McEvoy.

Hyperopia - Clifden Arts Festival 2012

I have some work in this exhibition curated by Shelly McDonald which is taking place as part of the Clifden Arts Festival 2012.  Have a look - it's a great show!

A group exhibition of contemporary art for Clifden Arts Festival 19th-30th September 2012

“If you throw a tumbler full of water into the sea you can not get the same tumbler full of water back out again” – James Clerk Maxwell

An exhibition of contemporary art by Galway City based artists Ben Geoghegan, Louise Manifold, Tadhg Ó Cuirrín, Shelly McDonnell, Kate Howard, Alison Regan, Mara Sola, Finbar McHugh, Marrian Hughes Brown, Frances Kilcommins, Mariann Hughes Browne, Martina Navratilova Brian Kenny and Anthony Murphy.

The exhibition is part of the 35th annual Clifden Community Arts Week, 19th – 30th September 2012.